Parallel Switchboard

Parallel Switchboard

The Cleartech® Parallel Switchboard allows you to parallelize, protect and dissect outputs from different String Boxes and direct to the Inverter.


The Cleartech® Parallel Switchboard offers a full range of solutions for all the needs of connection between String Box and Inverter, made by specific customer needs.
Cleartech can design and develop equipment to cope with the different conformations and topologies of photovoltaic fields and to meet every specific technique agreed with the customer.


The Cleartech® Parallel Switchboard is robust and highly reliable, it is made in such a way as to allow its installation in external environments, even in the presence of extreme environmental conditions, thanks to the use of high-performance materials and its mechanical container made by the IEC 62208 standard, with features of robust mechanical IK10 and degree of IP66 sealing (in the version with cable press).


The Cleartech® Parallel Switchboard can be customized depending on the specifications agreed with the customer, concerning the number of String Boxes that can be connected, the maximum operating currents and mechanical characteristics.


Cleartech® Parallel Switchboard

The essential system for optimizing the transport of the energy


Standard Parallel Switchboard Specifications

  • Vertical 1-door metal box, size (100x80x30cm) weighing 60kg

  • Fixing box by bottom hoof or with rear brackets

  • Cable passage through open lower compartment
    (in communication with the hoof) or with IP66 cable press

  • Switch ABB 400A 1000V (1500V on demand)

  • Number of inputs: 5

  • Number of outputs: 3

  • 80A protection fuses (other values on-demand) on both polarities (5 plus 5)

  • Entry wiring attested directly to NH1-type bulk carriers

  • Output wires attested on copper bars input to the switch

  • Full compliance with the rules EN61439-1