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Electronic Design - as we interpret it in Cleartech - is Art where the right balance must be found between each section of a system to achieve harmonic solutions that are recognizable "at a glance" by looking at an electronic board or already its wiring diagram . It is an art where form balance - which is also substance here - and functional solutions that arise from "lateral thinking" techniques find balance. The long experience allows us to get working cards and often even at the right level of industrialization already at the first prototype. Here are some of the technologies that we are able to manage:

  • Digital design
  • Analog design
  • Embedded systems project
  • ARM-Cortex-AVR-iMX6 processors
  • SoM based cards
  • I2C-USB-SPI-QSPI-RS485-Ethernet-SDHI interfaces
  • Power Electronics
  • High efficiency DC / DC and AC / DC power supplies
  • Self-powered systems with very low absorption
  • Design for testing
We have deep experience of MIL regulations and we are able to carry out our. projects in compliance with these regulations and produce the related documentation.


The design of the layout of an electronic board - often identified with the term "mastering" which we find diminishing - is an integral part of the hardware design for us and fully shares its approach and skills. This is the only possible way that can lead to "Right the first time PCB" in the case of highly complex boards but also for the simpler ones. We reserve an obsessive attention to the construction and management of the "libraries" of the components and fully comply with the IPC2221 and IPC7351 regulations and all other aspects of the layout project. Our development "toolchain" provides a centralized database for the coding and management of the components to be used to obtain consistently error-free developments and documentation. Here are some of the technologies that we are able to manage:

  • PCB design with any number of layers
  • Single-ended and differential controlled impedance
  • High currents
  • High-speed
  • HDI
  • rigid-flexible PCBs
  • Components management and 3D documentation
  • DFA and DFT (Design for assembly and Design for testing)


The design of firmware and software is now essential. With the pervasiveness of management and communication systems, today any device - even the apparently less technological one - is equipped with a management and communication system. Firmware and Software are essential components in the development of electronic systems, even relatively simple ones. Here are some of the technologies that we are able to manage:

  • Programming languages C, C #, C ++
  • Device drivers
  • Real-time operating systems
  • Linux based boards design and development
  • Sw development in Linux and Windows environment
  • GUI development
  • Graphic LCD / TFT display management


To complete the development activities we are able to create prototypes and pre-series of any electronic card both with manual assembly, having highly specialized personnel, and with machine assembly. We specialize in the purchase of electronic components which represents added value in the prototyping field.


The aspect of the test in volume production is very delicate. We have developed specific expertise by working in synergy with some of our. most important customers. To date we have an internal standard platform that allows us to develop functional test systems with needle beds very quickly for cards that have a "normal" set of interfaces (GPIO, UART, USB, SDHI, Ethernet, etc.). For other types we are able to develop specific fixtures.

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Cleartech is committed to the continuous growth of its knowledge that contributes to a continuous enrichment of its skills in all its areas of activity such as Electronic Design, PCB Design, Revamping, Electronic Repairs and Software Development of any nature and complexity.


Cleartech is committed to the continuous growth and updating of its skills in all its areas of activity.

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