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The Universal String-Box Cleartech® is a full range of Parallel Frameworks monitored to cover any need.
Available in models from 8 to 32 inputs, currents up to 15A/input and can operate at voltages of both 1,000 Vcc and 1,500 Vcc, to offer maximum flexibility and be ready for newer installations using voltages over 1 kV.


The Universal String-Box Cleartech® is compact and robust.
It allows outdoor installation even in extreme environmental conditions, thanks to the use of high-performance materials and its mechanical container made according to the IEC 62208 standard, with features of IK10 mechanical robustness and IP66 sealing.
It is also characterized by a strong ergonomics solution with the use of upper-class materials for the cabling of input strings, for the output bar, for the switch and for all electrical and electronic components, this to ensure a maximum level of reliability and safety, facilitating and minimizing maintenance.


The Universal String-Box Cleartech® offers unparalleled flexibility for interfacing with the supervision system.
The MODBUS-RTU interface is provided via RS485 with the possibility of configuring different protocol modes in addition

to the native Cleartech one; thanks to these fundamental performances, it is the ideal solution for large operators who must manage the coexistence of different technologies and the related communication protocols.
Universal String-Box Cleartech® is ready to – unique on the market today – the wireless connection implementation to the Smart-Datalogger concentrator of the Smart-PV ecosystem.